Our previous cars

This page will be long!  🙂

On the previous website, I wrote in more detail about our cars. They are as separate pages in the submenu below this page.

The other cars we have had during the years you can see here. Some of them are only briefly explained.


Let’s start with this Golf MK2.


Packo found a Golf CL 1,6 in very good shape. The gas engine was replaced by a Skoda Felicia 1,9 diesel.

The gearbox was also replaced into a 5 speed gearbox. The car was lifted to look like the original Golf Cross Country.


We painted it into the ”god old” camouflage paint and Packo also made a roof rack.

20121010_175138 (2)

Packo was driving the car for only 3 days. Then there were another driver in the opposite line who thought his cellphone was more interesting than the traffic.
He drove right out in front of Packo.


Several months of hard work and only 3 days of pleasure.  🙁
The firefighters had to cut off the roof of the car to get Packo out of it.

A greeting to all of you from us… NEVER use your cellphone while you’re drivning!




VW Caddy -00 1,9 Tdi


Lowered with coilovers. 11 mm pump head. Larger injectors. 1,2 bars boost. Golf MK3 sport seats.



Golf MK2 -92


When the previous owner died (because of old age) this car was abandoned. When we washed the car and all the moss disappered an incredible nice car emerges.


The 1,8 l gas engine was replaced by a 1,9 l Td. At the same time Packo rebuilt the pump and mounted a greater turbo. He also mounted a intercooler.



Ford Express -00


This Ford was already a tired diesel. Packo threw away the Lucas pump and replaced it with a Bosch.
This car also got a greater pump head, larger turbo and a intercooler.
As you can se we painted it in camouflage. 😉


Chevrolet C1500 -88


This is what it looked like when we bought it.
It was very rusty. The front fenders (even the inner) was replaced emediately. We took off the flatbed and cut it clean. Packo welded the frame and also reinforced it.


The fuel tank was replaced (the old one was very rusty) and he also mounted new lights.
Packo also lathed an adapter for duals.
After that he painted the car and added some details to it.

Cheva Pickis

Cheva Pickis 1

Packo has alway liked the ”Mad Max look” and therefore he wanted to try to build something leaning to that look.


Cheva Pickis bak


VW Corrado

Even a Corrado have been rebuilt to diesel!  🙂
When Packo did it it was the first (and only one) Corrado in Sweden with a diesel engine.  It was a 1,9 Tdi.
Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of the car.


We have also had a couple of other cars that we don’t have any photos of.