Aazet – Volvo 145 -68

At last the combi we’ve been longing for. Well, actually it was an Express-model we wanted but we couldn’t find a decent object to a decent price. One day we found this one and bought it emediately. It’s a Volvo 145 from 1968.
Time to start to rebuild again! 🙂

We wanted a Volvo 145 SUV diesel powered of course!

This was the first car that Packo decided to squeeze into a D24 engine into. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing he also decided to heighten the car (100 mm ) instead of lowering it.


But before anything else he started with the rust. After that he heightened it 100 mm which lead to that a lot of things had to be rebuilt.

Now it was time to mount the engine into the engine bay. It was tight! The turbo didn´t fit in to the left on the engine so Packo made a ”Porsche” as he calls it. That means that the pipe goes under the engine and up on the right side and in to the turbo. So the turbo is by the pump but a bit lower.

This is what the car looks like today. The car got a new color, military green, and also the logo (DieselMaffian) painted in yellow.


The engine bay as it looks today.