Green bean – Volvo 144 -73

When we bought this car we were longing for a car with 4 doors. We drove 300 km, to Falköping, to bring ”her” home.
Before that, the car had been in the north of Sweden which is very good because there they don’t spread salt on the roads during the winter. The salt is very agressive to a car. If the car comes from the north of Sweden it often means a little less rust or if your’e lucky… no rust at all.
We were lucky this time! 🙂


There was one other thing, though…. the owner before us probably thought that the color of the car had bleached to much. (Well, it’s an old car and they do have sunshine in the north as well some times.) He probably also thought that it’s too expensive to get a new enamel on the car so he bought a bucket of paint and did it him self. That is ok by me BUT NOT WITH A BRUSH!! He repainted the car with a brush! I don’t know what he was thinking about!


Well, Packo could fix that but he emediately started with the change of the engine. There were alot of things that had to be rebuilt and exchanged.
When we bought the car there was a B20 Sport with double carburetors and an automatic gearbox. Now there is a engine from a VW Golf in the car with a turbo and an intercooler. The gearbox is an M41.
This was our first Volvo which was turned into diesel powered.
A lot of things are home made and special for this Grean Bean of ours. Things like the engine mount, the oil pan, an RPM-signal unit and alot more. You can see some of the parts on the picture above.


Now we needed some kind of finish. Packo grinded down the varnish and repainted it in the original color but NOT with a brush. 🙂


The engine bay as it looks today.

We know that the engine looks small in there but I can tell you that this engine is alot better than the original B20.


A picture of the dashboard.

The frontseats comes from a Volvo 850 and the backseat from a Volvo 240.
The stearinghub is home made as well and it says ”Turbo Diesel”.