Little Red Riding Hood – Volvo 164 -73

A Volvo 164 from 1973.

We like the front a lot better on the older models that’s why the front is rebuilt on this one.

The first thing that happend when we took the car into the garage was… gasoline powered engine OUT! 🙂



When we bought the car there shouldn’t be any rust at all. Well…… that wasn’t true as you can see on the pictures above!
Packo has now spent many hours welding the car. NOW it is totaly free from rust!

It was alot of hard work for him and alot of ugly words flew out of his mouth during this time 🙂
After this the funny part began. Mounting the new renovated engine, a D24. It’s easier to mount that kind of engine into a Volvo 164 compared to a Volvo 140 because this car is approximately 10 cm longer in the front.

Both this engine and the gearbox comes from a Volvo 740 -88. The engine mounts Packo had to make himself just as he had to do on our other cars.


The air-filter is just there temporarily. This winter (2006-2007) we are going to mount a turbo on the car and also change to a bigger cooler. The cooler we have today comes from a Volvo 140 and the one we are going to mount comes from a Volvo 164, which is bigger.

Ok, the turbo is there 🙂