Snow white – Volvo 142 -68


Once upon a time there was a petrol powered car… No, Snow-white is a Volvo 142 from 1968. She has just been rebuilt so now she is diesel powered. There is a D24 under the hood now instead of the earlier B20. There was nothing wrong with the earlier engine at all. It was rebuilt as well, and with a turbo on it left 212 hp. Because of that Packo ”burns” for diesel engines it had to be that kind of engine in this car as well.


Even this engine has been tuned up. It’s alot of hard work to get the engine to fit into the engine bay of a Volvo 140.
Packo has now succeeded with that and he is trying to get the rest in place.

A lot of parts are home made such as the engine mount, the belt wheel, the oil pan, shortended driveshaft and the floor has also been rebuilt because of the gearbox. Of course all this leads to that the hoses had to be tailor made as well.



A bit further… to cool the engine enough he has mounted two water coolers in the front. It’s approximately 10-12 mm between the water coolers and the belt wheel, because of that Packo choosed to mount the fan on the other side of the coolers. Look at the pictures below.




A lot still remains, but something’s happening everyday.


He has also made a new dash board.


The car has got new rims, Mim Juventus. Nice! 🙂

The engine has been started now but not test driven though the car isn’t standning on the wheels jet. It seems to be working fine! 🙂



The intercooler is mounted now. It might seem it is too small but there’s a very good flow in it. The intercooler will be upgraded with waterinjection for further improved cooling.


This is a home made RPM-signal unit. Most of the components come from a gasoline car.
Electronic control is achieved using components from a breaker less ignition system, namely  the pick up and the ignition module. The cable loom is home made as is the trigger plate on the cam belt pulley too. This way the ignition module can be tricked into thinking it is operating a gas/petrol engine and that it is sending sparks. We fooled it 🙂 as its function now is to count signals for the rev counter. When connecting the loom wires pin #1 is ignored (normally the minus signal to the ignition module) and #7 is used instead because #7 is originally intended for the rev counter.



Now the exthouse system is mounted as well. I’ll publish a couple of pictures so you can see how it’s mounted. On this picture above you can see how it goes into the car.


This is what it looks like inside the car.


Two pictures from underneath the car. You can see the exthouse system to the right on the picture.



She has got her number on the doors 🙂


This is what it looks like by the stickshift.

The lever rack is separated from the gearbox and mounted inside the car instead to create a bit sportier look. 🙂




She’s ready now! 🙂 This is what she looks like.


Isn’t she beautiful!


Nice ass! 🙂